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1、System Requirement

1) A  desktop computer or Laptop with Microphone and Camera.  This computer is used to create the video conference with teacher and classmates. This is your whiteboard in the class;

2) An iPad or Android Tablet. This is your electrical notebook in your class. Anything you write on this screen can be shared to the teacher and all of your classmates. The teacher can also send some questions  onto this screen thus you can finish it by yourself.

3) A screen touch Pen(Optional). You need to write with this pen to complete detailed steps. The teacher will help you  fix the issues in your steps hand by hand.

4) Consistent good internet connection.


2、Class Preparation

1)Install Zoom. On your computer browser please access: ,finish all the steps as system prompted.

 Open Zoom then click Join Meeting,input your teacher's Zoom Meeting ID to join the class.

The details for your teacher's zoom ID and join steps please click the "Join Steps" link of your class on the homepage,

you can get all the information on the Pop Up window;

2).Open the browser on your PAD and access , click "Join Class" button on the home page, input your  email and password if you did not login. The system will redirect you to the handwriting page like this:


3、Additional Information

1)For the writing pen,you can buy some pen like this:

Active Stylus Pen for Touch Screens

2) If you do NOT have a iPAD or Tablet device,you can use the mouse to do the questions on your computer for short term.

However, for long-term and better learning effect,please buy Graphics Drawing Tablet connecting to your computer like this:

VEIKK S640 Ultra-Thin 6x4 Inch Graphics Drawing Tablet

4、How to do the homework

Generally speaking, each lesson will have related homework, you can see it on the next day after the lesson date by My Account->My VIP Practices:

Just click "Do It!" to start practising:

5、How to review the lesson notes

Generally speaking, each lesson will have related notes from the teacher, you can see it by My Account->My Notes and Videos after the lesson;

6、How to review the detailed solution to questions

In order to guarantee the learning effect, our system only displays the detailed solution after students submit their homework.

Just click My Account->My VIP Practices->...->Details->...->Solution to review the detailed solution to each question;

7、How to watch video after you ask the teacher to record

For some reason, if you can not join the lesson, you can ask the teacher to record the video for you in advance.

You can watch the video by My Account->My Notes and Videos->Videos->Watch: