Blog posts of '2020' 'April'

1.For all the questions which accept handwriting steps, there is a "Write Steps" button just to the right of the "Submit Answer" button. Please login with your PAD and click "Write Steps":

2.The system will redirect you to the handwriting page after waiting for a while:

3.Do remember to click "Save" button to save your handwriting steps;

4.If you can not finish all the steps in one single page, you can continue to write after you click "Save" button to save the previous one;

5.Click "Finish" to return to your previous question page,click "Submit Answer" to finish all the answers for the current question;

6.Keep doing step 1- step 5 for all your handwriting questions;

7.If you want to write steps on paper, just use your iPad or tablet device or mobile phone to click "Upload" button to take photographs then upload onto the website. Your teacher will see you photographs in the backend system.