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How to use Rootmaths Virtual Classroom

For teachers, you can redirect to our new course management system with one click:

1.Logon into, select Tutoring Management->Class List, Click the big button "Redirect To Course Management" from the top left corner:

You will be redirect into the course management system immediately:

2. Click into your course ("here our course is 2022 AMC 10 Summer Camp 18L"),then choose  Virtual Classroom Links->Join Classroom-...->Join Session, you just started the Virtual Classroom, wait there for the students to join your classroom:

3.Like Zoom, you can use the correspondent buttons to control Voice,Video,Screen Sharing,Recording:

4.For the recordings, you just click Start Recording, Stop Recording.

You do not need to upload the videos anymore, the recording files will be presented automatically after you close Rootmaths Classroom.

That's it, Enjoy!


How to send the SAME Join Steps email for the whole class

1.Click "EDIT" button to input the Join Steps email content in the "Join Steps in English" field:

2.Check the class you want to send the email for Join Steps, then click "Email Join Steps" button:

3.Done. The system will pop a successful message.

How to send individual exam codes 

1.Finish the Join Steps in English above first;

2.COPY this class' Join Steps in English to all students. Check the class you want to copy Join Steps to all students, then click "Join Steps To All" button:

3.Choose Class List->Contest Users from the management system:

4. Here click Edit for specific student to change the Exam Codes individually, then click Update to save. Here you can also change score for this student:

5.Check the class you want to send the email for Exam Codes, then click "Email Exam Codes" button:

6.Done. The system will pop a successful message.


For some reason some students might be absent from the lecture, here are steps on how to record the video and upload for them

1.When you start the lecture for the students, choose the Console Menu: More->Record to start recording the video, please check the Settings to see where the recording file stored: